Friday, April 12, 2013

Selena Li Afraid of Dry Skin, Uses Skincare Products Proactively

Selena Li has been the spokesperson for a skincare brand for 3 years. Yesterday she puts on a yellow tanktop to shoot a commercial for the brand. She frankly expressed she gets a raise each year and is very pleased with the amount. When speaking of her skincare experiences, Selena expressed she's afraid of getting a tan because her skin gets dry and she'll look older. Selena said: "I apply skincare products on my face each morning and night. During the day, I would put sunscreen on and moisturizers to prevent sunburns. Otherwise, I could easily get spots on my hands. In the evening, I put on body lotion after taking a shower and every week I scrub off the dead skin and then put skin moisturizer for better absorption."

Currently on vacation, Selena will be back to shoot a TVB costume drama in May, so she has to really work out and start stretching her muscles. "I have a dance background, if I need to do action scenes, I want to do them myself. Stretches need to be done over a period of time, so I'm just preparing early."


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