Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sheren Tang Says 'Beauty At War' Love Triangle is not a Typical One

Beauty at War is premiering next Monday. Yesterday the cast including Moses Chan, Sheren Tang, Christine Ng, Christine Kuo, Kenny Wong, Eddie Kwan and Katy Kung attended the promotional event. Sheren appeared at the event dressed as the powerful Consort Yu. As the series is premiering soon, Sheren feels anxious and had been waiting for 9 years, just as long as the War and Beauty fans for this sequel. She is even anxious about the promotions and will try to participate in them as much as she can. The plot initially had Sheren and Ada play lesbians, but it was rumored because Sheren opposed to the idea, it was cut out. Sheren expressed the rumor cannot be trusted. Sheren is actually involved in a love triangle with Moses and Ada, but it's not a typical triangle, the relationships are very complicated. The audience can find out by watching the series themselves.

In the past, those who no longer has a contract with TVB are not invited to participate in the promotions, but yesterday producer Jonathan Chik still led the promotional event despite having already left the company. It was rumored Charmaine Sheh secretly guest starred in Beauty at War? Jonathan clarified there is no such thing. He expressed he invited Charmaine and Bowie Lam back to shoot flashbacks, but there were schedule conflicts, so there was nothing he could do. This time, the addition of new faces brought an unexpected outcome. Asked if this is his last and best TVB series? Jonathan expressed he is really anticipating the premiere and if there is an opportunity in the future, they can collaborate again.

Moses was asked if his girlfriend Aimee Chan get sexually harassed in Malaysia? He expressed his girlfriend is enjoying the filming process and there was no sexual harassment. He saw the report too, but it's just a camera angle issue.

Regarding Christine Kuo's rumors with Aaron Kwok, the cast supported Christine. Katy said Christine will not be a third party, she is a simple-minded girl. Kenny expressed he has more scenes with Christine Ng and didn't really encounter Christine Kuo, but shouldn't believe in rumors. Moses rarely reads entertainment news, he just laughed off the rumor.


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