Friday, April 5, 2013

Charmaine Sheh Worried H7N9 Bird Flu Affecting Younger Brother in Shanghai

In the past year, Charmaine Sheh had been focused on filming series in Mainland, yesterday she took some time off to shoot a commercial for the Green Council to help promote the positive message of saving the earth as the 'environmental protection ambassador'.

Regarding the recent spread of H7N9 bird flu in China, Charmaine responded calmly: "After the experience from the SARS epidemic 10 years ago, we all have a much higher awareness on protection. I eat less meat now and pay attention to good health." Apparently China's approach in countering a breakout is rather sloppy? "I don't think so. Hong Kong has already sent out specialists to China to research the current situation, treatment methods and is very concern of the issue. When I'm out at work, I don't put on a mouth mask, but I do carry around disinfectant products with me and will pay close attention to food sanitation." Charmaine is more worried about her younger brother, who currently runs a food business in Shanghai. She has told him to watch out for his health.

Earlier it was rumored former TVB producer Miu Siu Ching is interested in collaborating with Charmaine on a new TV series at her new company, nowTV. Charmaine admitted they have indeed approached her for a prelimilary discussion, but TVB will be her first choice because she still has a contract with them. She said: "I'm currently in the process of script selection. I want to pick a good one to participate in. I probably won't have time on my schedule until the end of the year." Eric Tsang, reportedly, wanted to ask Charmaine to help him out on his produced series Aerobic Girls? "We did chat before, but the role is either too young or too mature. Haven't decided on the direction yet, so we will have to discuss some more."

Also, it was rumored Joel Chan and Florinda Ho broke up? Charmaine said: "Is that really true? I don't know about others, wait until I ask him. (Joel lost everything? [4 losses - money, career, image, love]) Is he that miserable? Perhaps they're still very sweet." When speaking of her own love life, she said: "Still waiting, of course I do have pursuers, but I'm not telling you! (Wealthy guys?) Not right for me, too young."


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