Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ekin Cheng wants to try for a kid

The Hong Kong actor, who previously rejected the idea of having kids, has finally agreed to try for a baby. To the delight of his wife Yoyo Mung, Ekin Cheng has finally agreed to try for a baby after previous mentions in several interviews that he is against the idea of having kids.

Yoyo, who had echoed Ekin’s words by saying that “giving birth is a nightmare” and “being pregnant for 10 months is like being jailed”, is reportedly thrilled about her husband’s change of mind.

Sources revealed that the actress has always wanted to a mother and often rants to her good friends about her worries on being an older mum. The actress is also concerned that she would have to give up the thought of having a baby in one or two years’ time as she is already 39.

An insider said, “It wasn’t easy to convince Ekin, who never intended to get married, to settle down. It’d be even more difficult to persuade him to have children.”

“His temperament is like a kid’s. The more you ask him to do something, the more he would refuse to do it.”

Aware of her husband’s personality, Yoyo has never mentioned her baby-making plans to him since they tied the knot in January. Instead, she gathered their friends, including the person who successfully persuaded him to get married, for a meet-up where they ‘tested’ his reaction.

Yoyo’s friend suggested that it would be fun to have children to play games and sports with and that it would be good to have someone to look after the couple when they are older. To their surprise, Ekin answered saying that “it is okay to try” when the actress asked him for his opinion on having kids.

It is believed that she has been making regular visits to the Chinese physician to strengthen her body in preparation for pregnancy.


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