Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ella Koon: I Have 'Man Disease'

Last year Ella Koon joined Warner Music and has been heavily promoted to become the 'First Sister' at the company. Ella launched her first plug So In Love since joining Warner and invited Khalil Fong and FAMA's C-Kwan to help her produce the song. When speaking of her new song, Ella is pleased to have her career and love life going smoothly. She revealed her new company customized this song for her. "The song is about a female just like me, busy with her career, but still wishes to be in love. My company feels I'm full of love and that the market is really receptive to love songs."

Ella has already been dating her doctor boyfriend for over 4 years and is still in a stabled relationship. Ella frankly expressed she enjoys taking care of her partner more than being taken care of. She claimed she's more like the boyfriend: "I am not a clingy girlfriend. Actually I think I'm more like the boyfriend rather than the girlfriend. I don't check my boyfriend's phone and usually girlfriends complain that their boyfriends don't call them enough, but I don't do that. I'm so busy, I practically forget to carry my phone around with me." Reporters teased she's not a typical 'HK Girl'. Ella refuted: "I am a HK girl! My native language is Cantonese, HK is my home. ('HK Girls' are usually very self-absorbed and have princess disease!) Well I don't have princess disease, but I think I possibly do have 'man disease', haha!"

Ella studied in Europe before and the public has always regarded her as a Western girl, but when speaking of marriage, she is very traditional. Ella said: "When I get married in the future, it's going to be extremely simple. The Chinese wedding dress and tea ceremony are must haves. Even if I have to wear a golden pig necklace with my wedding dress, I can accept it because I personally love Chinese culture. I'm proud to be Chinese." But Ella is currently advancing in her career, thus she does not have plans for marriage yet. she hopes to focus on her career first.


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