Friday, April 12, 2013

Niki Chow Fulfills Promise, Gives Michael Tse a "Plastic Wrap" Kiss

Michael Tse and Niki Chow's Sergeant Tabloid celebrated the serial's success with the other cast including Koni Lui, Grace Wong, Candice Chiu, Oceane Zhu, etc. Earlier Niki promised if the peak rating reaches 32 points, she would give Michael a kiss to thank the audience to make up for not having any kiss scenes in the series. She also let Michael choose the area to kiss. The highest peak rating for this series was 34 points.

At the celebration, Niki fulfilled her promised and gave Michael a kiss, but she turned it into a funny moment. She put plastic wrap over Michael's lips and covered his eyes before kissing him. Michael pulled off the plastic wrap and complained: "You covered my entire face, how would anyone know I'm Michael Tse?" Soon after, everyone asked Niki to do the kiss again. Michael was asked how the kiss felt? He joked: "So fake!" Niki explained because of the recent bird flu, it's better to have good hygiene.

During the interview, Niki disclosed she called Michael right before the celebration and clearly stated that he cannot make her kiss him in an inappropriate area, only allowed the five sense organs or face. She said: "When I first said it, I forgot to say clearly where I could kiss. What if he tells me to kiss somewhere that can't be seen? What if he's psycho and wants me to kiss his armpit or lower half of the body? What happens if there is hair there?" Michael said: "I initially thought of making Niki kiss my toes. She wanted to kiss me long ago, now her wish has come true."

When speaking of the possibly of a sequel? Niki expressed the earliest she can shoot another series is in 2014. TVB has also scheduled her other series A Change of Heart to air in the summer. Niki disclosed she is currently concentrated on recording for her Mandarin album that will be releasing at the end of the year. Her boss Richie Ren has got a lot of people participating in producing this album. She expressed her Mandarin is considered passing, but she's feeling nervous because this is her first Mandarin album.


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