Monday, April 1, 2013

Cilla Kung Travels Europe, Almost Got Pick Pocketed

Yesterday Cilla Kung appeared in a pink spring dress at an Easter event at the mall. She played games with the children and performed her new song Careful Love, but when she was just about to finish the singing the song, the sound system suddenly malfunctioned and left Cilla smiling embarrassingly. In the past few years, Cilla has been concentrated more on acting in TV series, she expressed she'll be charging back into the music scene soon. "I'll be releasing a new album this year. In my new series, Slow Boat Home airing in May, I play a singer and I'm currently trying to ask the producer if he could play my songs in the series. (Try to get the opportunity to sing the theme song?) I have to get in line first. This time, TVB asked Kay Tse to sing the theme song."

Cilla had been on break for 2 months, she expressed she spent her time traveling Europe. She laughed: "I'm usually a stingy girl, but this time I bought a lot of designer bags for my mom and myself." She disclosed her thrilling experience on the subway in France, she said: "Somebody stuck their hand in my pocket, trying to pick pocket me. Luckily, I had fast reaction and stopped him."


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