Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kate Tsui to Co-Star Dayo Wong in New Series, Feels Stressed & Can't Sleep

Kate Tsui attended the Hunter Pop Up Store event, where she showed off her beautiful long legs. Chrissie Chau was also at the event, but only had a small "career line" cleavage, which instantly stole Kate's limelight. Kate did not mind at all, she laughed: "She had always been sexier than me. I'm not the sexy type anyway!" She expressed Chrissie looks slimmer than before: "She used to be very well-shaped, but that does not mean she's not beautiful now. She's still very beautiful! (She doesn't have a boyfriend!) I don't have one either, but I'm so big!" Kate laughed and said she'll be starting a new series with Dayo Wong soon, and by then she'll get thinner and thinner. "When the time comes people will probably pity me, a pitiful piggy!" Kate disclosed she went for costume tryouts earlier and couldn't sleep. "I'm collaborating with Dayo Wong. I'm rarely in comedies, so I really don't know what to do and feel really nervous. I couldn't sleep. Actually earlier when I was on break and went on vacation to England, I watched his stand-up comedy show there. I'm also watching his War and Genders and Your Hired! I thought I could do some homework first. I really feel stressed! (Dayo said he wanted a kiss scene with you!) That's so embarrassing! He said that? We're professional artists, that's fine!"

Kate said she didn't have any one-night affairs during her trip in England. "When I was in England, the Boston Terror happened. I was alone in a foreign country, any stranger who comes close to me, I was afraid. After all, I just dashed away when I see strangers. I'm afraid of danger. What if I couldn't come back to HK? I still have to take care of my parents."


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