Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Him Law returns for "Tiger Cubs 2"

"Young and Dangerous: Reloaded" actor, Him Law, is the latest addition to the list of original "Tiger Cubs" stars returning for the sequel, and will be reprising his role as Acting Sergeant Yu Hok Lai.

Jayne Stars website reported that on 28 March, Him confirmed his comeback at a function event, exclaiming his excitement at returning to the drama and bulking up for the role yet again.

Earlier, Oscar Leung complained that his shirtless shower scene from the first Tiger Cubs instalment was deleted and hoped to do another one for the second series. Asked if Him would also like to be featured in such scenes, the actor laughed and said, "I remember I had something like that with Vincent Wong in the first series! But for this series, I want it to be a little sweatier and not involve showering. It's too clean!"

More original stars that have agreed to return include Joe Ma, Oscar Leung, Mandy Wong, and William Chak. Jessica Hsuan will not be reprising her role as the lead actress and new cast Linda Chung has been added as a replacement.

"Tiger Cubs", was a blockbuster hit for TVB last summer, forming strong fan-base communities online. The drama was slated for a sequel even before its broadcast ended in August 2012.

The sequel is scheduled for filming in June 2013.


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