Monday, April 15, 2013

Tony Leung Steps Back into TVB in a New Series with Michael Miu & Raymond Lam

Lately there has been a lack of Siu Sangs and FaDans in TVB, no wonder Eric Tsang had to throw out his friendship cards and ask his good friends back to shoot series. Earlier Eric expressed he successfully convinced good buddy Tony Leung Kar Fai to shoot a TVB series and since he started his career from the TVB Artistes Training class, he's 'bleeding' TVB's blood. However, it was understood TVB still has not discussed the salary with the fresh out of the oven Film King. This time, Tony is making a comeback in producer Chong Wai Kin's 30 episode series co-starring Michael Miu and Raymond Lam, schedule to start in September. The female lead not been confirmed yet. It was understood, TVB really values the Film King's comeback and will make an investment for the crew to shoot in Vietnam.

Yesterday reporters contacted TVB series production director Tommy Leung to confirm. He expressed all is still in discussion. Tony has a busy schedule and has not had the time to look at the script. Asked if its expensive for TVB to hire Tony? Tommy said: "We haven't discussed about the salary yet, but he's coming back this time because of the relationship and we must give him a reasonable price." As for producer Chong Wai Kin, who is currently working in Foshan, expressed the casting was decided a few days ago and that they are still talking to Raymond Lam about his schedule. He said: "I haven't collaborated with Raymond in a long time, nor have I ever collaborated with Michael. I am looking forward to it. (Does Tony have any requests? What about the female lead?) I haven't talked to him yet. As for the female lead, we are waiting for the story to finish writing first before deciding."

Michael Miu expressed he chatted with Tony at Eric Tsang's party last night, he said: "Tony's my junior and I really do hope to collaborate with him, but there are some conflicts with his schedule. We may have to postpone." Raymond is currently in Hengdian filming, he expressed he does not know if he'll have the opportunity to work with Tony, but he's one of his idols during childhood. Now that he's encountering him in a TV series, Raymond will not need to consider at all, but he does not have the details on what his role is yet. Raymond hopes to learn acting skills from Tony.


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