Friday, April 26, 2013

Fala Chen to Study in the US, Won't Sign a Long Contract with TVB

It's been a while since Fala Chen appeared in public. Yesterday she attended an event with singer Jolie Chan, model Irene Wan and artist Ronan Pak. When speaking of the rumor that Fala is fussing over her expiring contract and isn't willing to renew her TVB contract? She said her old contract was signed back when she participated in MCI and it expires in May. She is currently still discussing with TVB and its going smoothly, but she expressed the contract has nothing to do with her being pregnant or frozen by the company. Fala expressed: "I hope to collaborate with TVB in a different way. Since entering the industry, I've been filming TV series straight and haven't had a real break. I'm currently thinking of my next steps to take. I want to go for additional studies, and have already registered for a summer course in the U.S (You won't be working anymore?) We aren't allowed to study? It is necessary for an artist to increase his/her value too."

Fala added that the most important is a comfortable collaboration. She grew up in TVB, it is about the relationship and the nature of work, not the contract terms/conditions or how long the contract is. Asked if there are other companies asking her to join them? She laughed: "Nope, but I probably won't sign with ATV. (Work in Mainland?) Someone has asked me to shoot a TV series there, but my company has arrangements for my work in Mainland. I hope to have good news for you all."


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