Monday, April 15, 2013

Aimee Chan Clarifies Didn't Get Sexually Harassed in Malaysia

Aimee Chan is currently in Malaysia shooting for TVB new series Outbound Love. Yesterday a magazine reported when she was shooting a scene where she gets harassed by several Southern Asian Extras (temporary actors), they actually sexually harassed her. The report said her co-stars Ruco Chan and Matt Yeung did not try to stop them, which made Aimee unhappy and complained to her boyfriend Moses Chan. Yesterday Aimee personally clarified the rumor. She denied that there was no such thing that happened. She said: "I'm fine! Nothing like that happened. It's just a matter of the camera angles, we all had a pleasant collaboration. Very harmonious."

TVB Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Mr. Tsang Sing Ming expressed: "Catherine Tsang talks to the crew on a daily basis. She knows clearly of what is happening. Today when we saw the report, we contacted the producer and the crew. Nothing like what the report said happened. The outdoor filming is going smoothly and they are collaborating well. The photos were just a camera angle issue."


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