Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vivien Yeo's Sister Gets Carjacked in Malaysia

TVB actress Vivien Yeo is from Malaysia, recently she has been shooting new series Outbound Love in her hometown. She planned to take the opportunity to visit her family while she's there, but her mother and sister encountered an unfortunate event! Yesterday at 1AM, Vivien expressed on Weibo that her mother, sister and nephew were driving out to Johor Bahru, where they encountered a carjacker! Her sister was injured from the carjacking. Vivien said: "That afternoon, my sister, mother and nephew were driving and were very unfortunate to have encountered a carjacker! My sister was injured."

Vivien disclosed the crime happened at the Bukit Indah center in Johor. To catch the carjacker, Vivien posted the model of her sister's red car, her sister's Facebook, urged friends to spread the news and hope her Malaysian friends can help find the carjacker. Later, a friend informed her that they discovered her sister's car at another location. She said: "The carjacking happened at Bukit Indah Jusco, a friend on Facebook just told me they saw the car near Pelangi. Friends in Malaysia, please help me spread the news. I hope to find her car. The model is a BMW coupe, license plate PKL 8363. Please help. Thanks."

Although Vivien's sister's baby was not in the car at the time of the carjacking, Viven was still extremely angry. She said: "Fortunately the baby wasn't in the car, otherwise I really don't know what to do. At the time, my sister was in the car. The carjacker shouted at her, demanding her to jump out of the car. I am extremely angry. Is there still justice?" The incident has caught a lot of attention, many fans angrily criticized that the unlawful behavior is ridiculous. As for Vivien's Malaysian friends, they also expressed the public security in Malaysia has gotten worse. When speaking of a news about a mother killed from protecting her daughter, Vivien felt extremely heartbroken: "Why has it become like this?"

Yesterday at 11AM, Vivien posted on Weibo again. Still no new updates, but she did not forget to thank her friends' help and reminded the local citizens to be cautious when going out. She said: "My family and I are very thankful for all of your help. Here, I want to remind everyone to raise the level of alertness and be careful out there, especially for females, avoid going out alone. Here, I wish everyone a peaceful daily life." Fortunately Vivien's sister is fine now, she said: "I was not at the scene, but she is fine now. We have already reported the case to the police."


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