Thursday, April 18, 2013

'On Call 2' Stars Encounters Chow Yun Fat, Tavia Yeung: "I'm a Lucky Lamb"

Where in Hong Kong could you find an international superstar taking the bus, shopping on the streets or eating at a restaurant that easily? The answer is, Chow Yun Fat. According to unofficial statistics, Chow Yun fat is the superstar easiest to encounter by the public. Yesterday, Fat Gor coincidentally bumped into The Hippocratic Crush II crew filming outdoor scenes. TV Queen Tavia Yeung, Lawrence Ng, Tracy Chu and Becky Lee turned into little fans quickly grabbed Fat Gor for pictures. Of course, Fat Gor turned nobody down. What an awesome encounter! It turns out Fat Gor is the actor most 'stamp collected' in HK.

On Weibo, The Hippocratic Crush II stars posted their pictures with Fat Gor and expressed their joy.

Tavia: "Heaven! Today I am definitely a 'Lucky Lamb'. I saw my super idol Fat Gor! I really look forward to have an opportunity to collaborate with Fat Gor one day!"

Lawrence: "My wish of many years finally comes true, I can take a picture with the idol's idol."

Tracy: "So lucky! Today I actually saw Fat Gor while at work!"

Becky: "Can you guess who I encountered this morning while shooting 'on call 36'? The Super Nice Superstar - Fat Gor! You see me jumping in joy? I even forgot to take off my glasses!"


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