Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Macy Chan Says Goodbye to TVB, A New Beginning

32 year old Macy Chan ends her 6 year employment at TVB. Yesterday, the moment Macy left TVB, she stopped at the parking lot to take a picture for memories and left a message on Weibo: "Goodbye! Thanks for everything in the past 6 years! It's a new beginning." Back then, while Macy was working as a model, she was recommended by her manager to join MusicNationGroup. In 2004, Macy,Toby Leung, Elise Liu and Bella Cheung formed a group called "Girls Only Dormitory". The group launched one album Life is Beautiful. Macy later joined TVB and started filming TV series, but unfortunately her development was not ideal, but at least she met her current boyfriend Eric Suen. In 2011, Macy and Queenie Chu encountered a car accident while shooting a TVB travel show in Okinawa Japan. Macy was in the car crash and almost fell down the mountain. After the incident, Eric stood up for his girlfriend, denouncing TVB for neglecting their artists' safety. Many artists criticized TVB for their harsh treatment.

This time Macy's contract expired and she decided not to renew it, perhaps her decision is related to the previous car accident in Japan? However, it was also widely rumored that Eric intends to start a family. Maybe Macy is leaving the company because she wants to concentrate on being Mrs. Suen? Just as she said on Weibo: "A new beginning."

Macy expressed TVB gave her very good contract renewal terms, but she feels the need to reflect on her future because she's been with the company since 2004. She does not currently have any plans yet, but perhaps she will go see more of the outside world first. Her boyfriend Eric is very supportive of her decision.

Is her decision to leave TVB related to the fact that her on-screen jobs had been reduced over the last year? She expressed that is not the case. Although she does not film TVB series as often, she has participated in many variety shows. She also had many other outside jobs and opportunities to earn money such as being a MC at events. Will she consider other TV stations, such as Ricky Wong's HKTV? She stressed that thought has never crossed her mind. She wants to rest first.


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