Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kathy Chow Hopes to Participate in Stage Play to Boost Acting to a Higher Level

After Kathy Chow finished shooting TVB new series Sniper Standoff, she immediately took time off to watch Michelle Yim and Louisa So's musical I Have a Date with Spring (我和春天有個約會) with veteran film actress Ivy Ling and her husband Kam Hon. They praised the Sunbeam Theatre is a really good stage for performances because performers can have close interactions with the audience. It's very interactive experience.

Kathy has never participated in a stage play before because she never had the time on her schedule to make it happen. She really enjoyed the play last night and felt its a huge challenge for artists to communicate with the audience at such a close distance. "Although we get paid more from filming TV series, stage plays can bring our acting up to higher level. If I encounter a good crew, I am willing to accept this challenge."


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