Sunday, June 9, 2013

Myolie Wu Wishes Bosco Wong Finds True Love Soon

Yesterday Myolie Wu attended a promotional event for a cup noodle brand. She said cup noodles give her an intimate feeling because when she was studying overseas, she relied on cup noodles and even brings a few along with her while she films outdoor scenes. At the event, Myolie happily took pictures with the cup noodle company's mascot "Ching Jai". Bosco Wong dressed up as "Ching Jai" at an event before, asked whether that was the reason why she gets such an intimate feeling? Myolie said: "I didn't know about that. We have been separated for so long, there's nothing between us."

However, earlier at the TVB Amazing Summer promotion, she only chatted with Kenneth Ma and neglected Bosco, whom was standing right besides her. Myolie explained: "We greeted one another, but nobody saw us. That day, Kenneth Ma kept telling me secrets and making me laugh. (Did you know Bosco and Bella Lam had rumors?) I'm not following his news nor will I ask about it. We don't want any more pressure." Myolie generously expressed she hopes Bosco finds his true love soon. "We've been separated for so long already, you don't have to be asking me every time. Actually neither of us are married, we each should have a new relationship. I also hope I can be in a relationship soon." Myolie also stressed she did not deliberately avoid Bosco, and that one day she will talk to Bosco right in front of the media, so the media can leave them alone.


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