Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tavia Yeung Hospitalized from Enduring Too Much Filming

TVB artists work day and night filming series. A few days ago, Raymond Cho posted a photo of himself bandaged up while filming for new series Property Protector. He said: "Just got off work, but getting back to work 3 hours later. Hang in there." A day later, he wrote again: "Still working, but got an early shift tomorrow morning. Awesome!" His co-star, Tavia Yeung, had been filming so much, she got herself hospitalized. She was running a high fever and had shoulder/neck pain. Because of Tavia's hospitalization, she had no way of attending The Hippocratic Crush II's press conference in Shanghai. She expressed she spent the night at the hospital and is doing fine now.

Tavia's fans were very disappointed that Tavia didn't attend the Shanghai promotion. She wrote on Weibo last night: "Thanks to all my fans. I'm very sorry I wasn't there this time! But I saw all of your beautiful flowers! Thank you all." Tavia's elder sister Lenna Yeung (aka Griselda) responded to Tavia's concerning fans, she disclosed: "Tavia slept in the hospital for 2 days, she came back last night. Relax!"

Tavia made another Weibo post with a picture of her back to work. She responded to the media through SMS: "I just had a fever, shoulder and neck pain. I got my collar bone checked and stayed at the hospital for a night. I'm fine. Thank you all for the concern."


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