Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fala Chen Visits Psychiatrist For Psychopathic Role

Tony Leung (Kar Fai), Simon Yam, Gordon Lam, Fala Chen and Dada attended the Causeway Bay bus tour promotional event for the new horror film Tales from the Dark I & II (迷離夜、奇幻夜). To fit with the scary atmosphere, Tony appeared in dark shades with two black tear drops on his face. He said collaborating with Kelly Chen this time around, they exchanged their experiences as parents.

When speaking of Michael Wong's daughter caught smoking on camera? Tony said: "My daughter had a smoking picture on Facebook too. It was a picture from her school play, where she portrayed a depressed girl. (Does she smoke in real life?) That I don't know. (Do you allow her to?) I smoke myself, so I have no right to say anything."


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