Monday, June 17, 2013

When do Girls' Generation think they will no longer be considered as 'girls'

Girls' Generation were met backstage during their Seoul concert for their world tour and brought laughs by sharing some behind-the-scenes stories.

On the June 15th broadcast of 'Entertainment Relay', when asked, "What has changed since your solo concerts from two years ago?", Tiffany cutely replied, "Our age." Seohyun also shared, "Our energy and stage manner improved. We've gained knowledge, experience, and a lot of know-hows."

When asked if Girls' Generation has transformed in any way, Sooyoung gave the blunt comment, "We make enough of a transformation after putting on makeup", making the other members shyly laugh in agreement.

In response to the question, "Which member do you want to go on a vacation with?", Sooyoung had a bright look on her face wanting to be picked by Hyoyeon. However, Hyoyeon pointed to Yuri hilariously calling her, "This thing", and then corrected herself saying, "Yuri", making Sooyoung a little jealous and the rest of the girls laugh.

YoonA gave her thoughts on how much longer her group can still be considered as 'girls' sharing, "Even 7-8 years from now, it would be nice to still be called girls."


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