Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Aimee Chan spotted with baby bump

Hong Kong actress Aimee Chan returned to her hometown in Toronto via a transit flight through London, after her wedding in Paris last week. On the way to catch her connecting flight, the TVB actress, who was spotted with a tiny baby bump, was surprised to find reporters following her at Heathrow airport.

Although Aimee expressed her wish to remain low-key and declined to answer further questions about her wedding, she finally opened up when asked about the unborn baby’s gender.

“I will definitely share [news of my expectancy] if I’m able to,” said the actress with a smile.

It is believed that Aimee has maintained a secretive stance as she is still in the first trimester of her rumoured expectancy - according to Chinese beliefs, it is taboo to announce one’s pregnancy during the first trimester.

In addition, the 32-year-old mentioned that she would continue acting even after giving birth. “Acting is my passion! Women in Hong Kong are very fortunate because they have the chance to work even after getting married,” she said.

Aimee, however, admitted that she will not be taking on any new roles at the moment.


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