Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kenneth Ma's plans for China disrupted

TVB heartthrob Kenneth Ma may have planned to venture into the mainland China after TVB sometime this year, but so far it is not looking good.

When asked if his contract with TVB is the stumbling block in his plans, Kenneth did not attempt to deny it, instead, he revealed that he had to forgo several offers from producers from China due to his heavily-packed working schedule in Hong Kong.

"I would not say I'm disappointed, but who knows there might a chance in the future? Look at Wayne Lai ("No Regrets" actor). He is able to make a lot of money without having to film any Chinese dramas by just being an ambassador," said Kenneth.

The actor will be starring in two dramas this year, "Triumph In The Skies 2" and "The Hippocratic Crush 2", both of which will be released in July and at the end of the year, respectively.


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