Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Joe Ma Celebrates 20th Wedding Anniversary

Joe Ma and his wife Karen Cheung celebrates their 20th wedding anniversary. Earlier the couple did a wedding photoshoot at several old districts and buildings in HK. These locations are a record of their love story. Joe and Karen's photoshoot are different from the average romantic fairytale-styled wedding photoshoots, Joe said: "The old cultural districts and antiques embodies many memories, filled with deep feelings and meaning. In reality, a long lasting and harmonious marriage is just like viewing an old cultural district and antiques. The more you look at them, the more feeling and value there are. It is a continuous feeling, so we wanted to breakthrough the conventional wedding photoshoots and try something different." Prior to the photoshoot, the couple did a lot of research online on HK's old districts and antiques.

In March, the couple hired a famous English photographer Simon Wheatley to help them with this photoshoot. Joe and his wife were actively participating through the whole process from the shoot until the post-production; they took this project very seriously. Many of their good business friends and local fashion designer sponsored them as well. They spent two days traveling around 10 locations in HK, every location was filled with unique characteristics and value.

The couple's favorite location was The Wisdom Path and Temple Street was the place where they frequently loitered during the early years of their marriage.


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