Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Selena Li - When Luck Knocks On Her Door

"So happy, finally this is the last interview." Selena Li thought of this statement as the prologue of this interview. After she said that, she couldn't help herself, but to laugh and laugh again.

Selena came from a wealthy family, but unfortunately her father couldn't handle his business and went bankrupted, leaving behind a lot of debt. When Selena participated in Miss Hong Kong, she swept the "Miss Photogenic" and "Miss Talent" awards, but despite being a hot favorite she didn't even make it in the top five at the finals. She previously invested over HK$1 million on a beauty school, but due to its involvement in a pyramid scheme, she decided to withdraw from the business. The first half of Selena's life could be described as a strong start, but weak finish. She said: "In the 10 years I've been in the industry, I fall short from the best, better than the worst. I haven't gotten up to the best, but my style is to let nature take its course. I currently have many opportunities and that's already very good, very lucky. Haha."

Indeed, Selena was considered a lucky one. The second year after she participated in Miss Hong Kong, she was already given the second female lead roles in Just Love and The Herbalist's Manual. We all thought she would keep moving up, but unexpectedly she just had been floating around all along. Even today, she still hasn't become one of the first line TVB FaDans and wasn't part of any awards despite being nominated 9 times. "This industry is very interesting. Many things just happens in a split second. For example, I ask you who the TV Queen was 3 years ago, you may not remember. The world is very very big, don't think too highly of yourself. I'm just one of the actresses in a HK television station. When you turn on the TV, you see the news on the Sichuan earthquake and many people died; Terrorist bombings in the U.S. How could you feel upset that you couldn't get the TV Queen title or couldn't compete in the TV Queen race? You'll feel ashamed, right?"

Values Relationship & Loyalty

In the recent series Slow Boat Home, Selena is still just the second female lead. She plays the gold digger HK girl Heidi and because of her career she takes advantage of her boyfriend. "My role is very different from myself. She will put her relationships aside, her career is priority no matter what. As for me personally, I am a person who really, really, really value my relationships. I will contribute and sacrifice a lot for my partner. I am also a loyal person, such as a friend who is down, I wouldn't leave him or perhaps when many people are bashing him, I would come out and speak justice for him." Everyone can see, this "him" Selena refers to is the only boyfriend she had admitted to dating since her debut, Patrick Tang. The two dated for 5 years and broke up in 2010.

No Longer Goes Out At Nights

After her break up, Selena had been surrounded by so many rumors and gossips. Her rumored partners included the nightclub boss (Mo Yik Ming), finance expert (Phil) and most recently Fiona Sit's ex-rumored boyfriend Reggie Martin, the executive of The Macao Venetian. Selena said: "The press made me sound like a slut, so miserable. Actually I'm just a normal girl. If you are single in this industry, you go out for a drink, then you're trying to hook up with a guy; if you go to a dimmer place, then you're partying at a nightclub. The pen is in the hand of other people, they can write whatever they want about you, I can't do anything about it. This is the reality, you have to accept it and the only thing you can do is to just try to avoid it as much as possible. Nowadays, once it gets dark outside, I don't go out. Hahaha." She brings a smile along with her words, as if she's just talking about another person's story.

As for her other half, Selena said she won't choose someone wealthy. "I'm not saying they aren't good people, just we all have different experiences. Also, they have too many girls around them and may not know how to cherish you. I don't need a man with money, too much money is hard to satisfy. For example, when I was young I would be happy with just a cup of cola, but now its not the same. Perhaps riding on a cruise would make me happier." Life is bitter and short, even if "a mountain is still a mountain high" is a fact, but knowing your blessings may not be a bad thing after all.


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