Monday, June 10, 2013

Dayo Wong No Time for Kids Considers AI through Surrogate Mother

Yesterday Kate Tsui, Dayo Wong and Candy Chang were shooting at a hotel for TVB new series My Prime Lady. Dayo disclosed he's going to get targeted by Candy in the series and will try his best to match her. He laughed and said he will take initiative to pursue girls in real life and his success rate is pretty high. When asked of his current love life? The low-profile Dayo was unwilling to reveal anything; he just expressed he hasn't put much thought into it and said out of the blue that he wants grandchildren.

Asked why he's in such a hurry to be a grandfather? He joked: "Running out of time to have kids. (Really?) My creditability is low. (You want to be a monk?) I'm working at it. These kind of things, if it has to happen it will be ok even if I'm busy, but I'm not considered too busy now. If its not possible at that time, then I'll just go for artificial insemination. (You need a woman to make this possible!) Maybe I'll be like Michael Jackson. I'm not telling you."

Kate had just injured her tailbone, but she still appeared dressed in a low-cut dress. However, she did not dare to compare to Candy's 4-inch career line. Kate revealed she still feels a slight pain when she leans over, she said: "Lately I don't have too many action scenes. I can't do anything about having to wear heels for filming; I'll just have to be more careful. Also, I go in for a follow-up appointment with my doctor when I have time. Recently lubricant is needed on the set, the staff are vey good about it and clean up the floor to prevent accidents. They really care about me, feels so warm."


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