Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fala Chen implies breakup with Daniel Sit

With rumours running rampant on her rocky relationship with Neway heir, Daniel Sit, actress Fala Chen recently implied that they have indeed broken up, Mingpao confirms.

The actress, who attended a promotional event for a skincare brand recently, indirectly announced the end of their six year relationship, saying, "Not all that was reported in the tabloids are true, but a lot of things have changed recently. And for girls, any kind of change is good."

The actress shared that she was unable to make any comments regarding the breakup rumour earlier since she was away in the US, but has since talked to Daniel about it.

She stated, "Mr. Sit and I have discussed it together. I asked him if he wants to announce it to the public but he said no. I hope that everyone will give us some space."

When asked if it means that she is now single, the actress was all smiles and said, "I can't say much, but all I can say is that we have reached a consensus. I know that a lot of people are worried about me, but I have been very happy these couple of months."

Denying that she was the one who initiated the breakup nor was it caused by her determination to go to New York, Fala said, "It's impossible to describe it in a few words, especially in a relationship that lasted so long. I really don't have the heart to define it. I want to maintain the privacy and remain low-profile."


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