Monday, June 10, 2013

Joey Meng's First Portrayal as a Bad Woman, Went Through Emotional Breakdown

Joey Meng, a Miss Asia 1989 first runner-up, still possesses a youthful look and 42-inch beautiful long legs at the age of 42. Following her notable performance in ATV's My Date With a Vampire, Joey appears in TVB series Inbound Troubles and the most recent A Change of Heart, taking the spot as TVB's FaDan. She shares the secret of maintaining her youthfulness, which is being a vegetarian and frequently applying facial masks.

Lent Money to Gambler, "Its My Fault"

Earlier Joey's capability of lending money was challenged on Office of Practical Jokes when Roger Kwok called her live on the show, but the call went straight to voicemail. Joey explained: "That day I was in the middle of filming and had to turn off my phone. If he asked to borrow money from me, I would just lend it to him without asking for the reason." Artists have money and fame, they are the best targets for borrowing money. Joey frankly expressed since she entered the industry, she probably has lent several hundred thousands to others: "Did anyone pay me back? Yes, I got my money back in pieces. The big sum of money I lent out, I haven't gotten it back. Even the person in debt went missing." She didn't blame the friend who borrowed money from her, she blamed herself instead: "I never ask the person why they need to borrow the money. I later found out the person borrowed money so they could go gamble with it. I just felt it was my fault."

Weak Voice, Dares Not to Perform on Stage

Since Joey entered TVB, she has been filming nonstop. Her latest works include A Change of Heart and Gilded Chopsticks. She has successfully made it "in the house" (gained recognition), and she is earning a lot more extra income. She modestly expressed she has a weak voice and isn't suitable to perform on stage. "I like to do real estate and skincare advertisements. Because I'm a vegetarian, I don't take on many health product advertisements." But, in the recent year she's been working a lot more and haven't had much time to be with her husband (Chan Sap Sam). She expressed she rather earn less money, turn down the extra income and grasp the opportunity for more husband-wife time.

Joey recalls an incident back when she was still an ATV first sister. One day she was filming at a theme park and a young student came up to her asking to take pictures with her. When Joey mentioned this past incident, she laughed: "Everyone says they watched me on TV while growing up. One time it was even more exaggerated, a reporter said they were already watching my series in pre-school. You all make me sound so old. This time in A Change of Heart, I didn't plan to participate in the series because I was still working on Inbound Troubles. I knew the schedule overlapped, so I just turned down A Change of Heart without question. I later saw producer Nelson Cheung and he said I must go to his office and listen to the story. So I just went up to his office alone and listened. Surprisingly, I heard the story and loved it. I loved how my role was semi-evil, which is different from my previous well-behaved girl roles. I even said to Nelson, 'I'm an honest person, why would you ask me to do bad things?' Nelson teased me, 'Yeah! What else did you think?' At the time, the script wasn't just attractive, but the male lead was attractive too. He was Michael Miu, my idol from high school. I could be his wife in this series, I felt so happy at heart."

Had to Cry Everyday After Work to Release Emotions

First time collaborating with Michael and because Joey was filming two series simultaneously, her body wasn't able to handle all the stress. She almost collapsed on the set. Although filming was extremely tiring, Joey was jumping in joy when she talked about her role, especially the kiss and bed scenes with Benjamin Yuen, who is 10 years her junior. To avoid awkwardness for Benjamin, she initiated the kisses. "I just had 2 days to prepare. The producer had already filmed my life or death scene with Michael at the hospital. I really love my husband in the series, but because his change of heart, his personality went through a drastic change. I began feeling so skeptical and jealous that damaged our relationship and I went to have an affair. Actually it is because I really loved my husband Michael, that made me take all those wrong steps. I remember I had a lot of kiss scenes with Benjamin, and to prevent him from feeling awkward, I initiated the kisses. Participating in this series made me feel happy and heartbroken at the same time. I was heartbroken because this woman just loves her husband; everything she does is for and because of her husband, everyday after filming, I would be crying as I'm driving home to vent out all my heavy emotions. My emotions went up and down, I felt so heartbroken I cried. I'm happy because I get to work with Michael. Before I met Michael, I thought he was really man, but after getting to know him, he's just like a big kid. He is really playful, with him around, the atmosphere is so much fun. Michael and his wife Jamie Chik are a very loving couple. Jamie is always visiting us on the set with dessert soup."

Joey's most memorable moment is her kiss scene with Michael Miu and a bathing scene that they have in a later episode. The most unforgettable scene was an argument scene she had with Michael. At the time of filming, she blanked out momentary and fortunately Michael reacted fast enough, he quickly asked someone to bring her some soda. Joey said: "I have low blood pressure; I can easily pass out from getting too agitated and often times I have to drink some soda to replenish the sugar level. What I fear most is fainting and then bumping my head." Since we were at the topic of health, when asked about having babies, Joey expressed raising a child is too big of a responsibility. She has no plans of having a child, but then again she won't resist either. When she gets older, she will consider to adopt one or not. At the moment, she is supporting a child in Africa.


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