Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cilla Lok - I Want to Grow Up

As an artist, having a set image is a contradictory matter. On one hand, the artist is happy that the audience remembers them, but on the other hand there is fear that their stuck with that image and won't make a breakthrough. Cilla Lok is an artist experiencing this dilemma, she can't seem to get out of that cute and "little girl" image. She frankly expressed its time for her to grow up: "I need a breakthrough. Actually I am not that young, but I'm not too satisfied with my performance in the past few years. I really hope I can portray more mature and convincing roles in the future. I don't want to be a little girl anymore."

TVB's latest series Slow Boat Home is set in Cheung Chau. Cilla grew up in Tai O, she expressed returning to the outlying islands instantly gave her the feeling of "home". She said: "Although I didn't have that many scenes in Cheung Chau, I still get a close feeling when I go to Cheung Chau." Cilla portrays a young woman named Yoyo in the series, sometimes she's a well-behaved girl; sometimes she's a party girl; and other times she's a barbaric HK girl. Asked if Cilla is really a barbaric HK girl in real life? She said: "I'm not considered one, but I'm a little headstrong. Perhaps because my family had always been overprotective of me, so I'm really dependent and throw tantrums, but I really won't have 'princess illness' like I do in the series. I'm not as exaggerated as her, needing someone to do everything for her."

Since Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, Cilla has been crowned as the "HK Golden Goddess" and coincidentally she frequently plays a goddess with several guys around her. Is it because portrays her roles too well? But Cilla is frequently misunderstood that she has just as many guys circling her in real life. Cilla said helplessly: "Actually that is not the case. I think its strange too, the media always say I'm everyone loves me, but the truth is I have nothing! Actually I'm worried too, how the audience thinks of me I won't feel unhappy, but I still want to clear my name." Cilla explained she has a broad-minded personality, she doesn't pay attention to details and is straightforward, that's why she likes to hang out with guys more.

Natalie Tong is Her Goal

In her acting career, Cilla is usually somebody's little sister. Actually, Natalie Tong had a similar experience, she started off playing little sister roles, but now Natalie has changed her image and had a huge breakthrough in her acting. No wonder Cilla sets Natalie as her goal. She said: "If I can end up like Natalie Tong, then I'll be satisfied. In the past, she frequently played little sisters as well, I see she had improved a lot now and has even changed. She has reached another level, and I start thinking will I be like her one day? I really hope the audience will be able to see Cilla Lok is slowly growing up as well!"

In the past year, Cilla has been focused on shooting TV series, but she actually has a singing career as well. She is expecting herself in the near future to be balancing between her role as an actor and singer. "I will keep on singing and have re-started with an English song in Slow Boat Home to allow the audience to get to know me as a singer. My greatest hope is to sing the TV series theme songs and a popular mainstream song that belongs to me; a song everyone knows how to sing. I'll be satisfied then!"


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