Monday, June 17, 2013

Moses Chan's Unborn Baby Has Been Prospering Him

Moses Chan's "double happiness" has led to his rise in popularity and increase of jobs. It has been widely rumored he's become really expensive and his unborn baby has brought him prosperity.

This is Moses' third year as the spokesperson for Saint Honore Cake Shop. Yesterday he appeared dressed like a magician in a white suit for the mooncake advertisement shooting. Saint Honore's representative gave Moses coupons and a wedding cake to celebrate his marriage. Moses joked: "I want to give out mooncakes!" With happiness written all over, Moses thanked the heavens for all its care and thanked clients for their long-term support, but he denied that he's expensive to hire. When asked whether the baby inside Aimee's stomach is prosperous to him as a father? Moses smiled sweetly: "OK! But I can't say anything yet. (When can you talk about this?) When the time is right, I will tell you."

A magazine reported Aimee is 10 weeks pregnant and even photographed her pregnant look. Moses denied on his wife's behalf. When speaking of Aimee's plan to retire from the industry? Moses said: "Don't break Aimee's career path. She has lots of potential, it would be a waste if she stops acting. She can be a mother and an artist. There could be a balance to both sides."


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