Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fala Chen Indirectly Admits Break Up with "Neway Prince", Rumored Split Assets

Fala Chen's relationship with boyfriend, "Neway Prince" Daniel Sit Sai Hang, had been always been a hot topic in the entertainment circle. All along, it had been rumored the couple were secretly married, but recently it was reported the couple broke up ending their 7 year relationship and have already started the paperwork to split the assets. It was rumored Fala asked her boyfriend to provide the capital to start her own artist management company, so she can manage herself and produce TV series. Not only will she able to promote herself, she can also promote newcomers. However, Daniel's father wasn't willing to make the investment, thus the idea failed. It was said Fala and Daniel got into a fight due to this matter, and Fala moved out of their 'love nest' where they cohabited. Because Fala had been in the US for her studies, she was unable to respond.

Yesterday afternoon, Fala was back in HK to attend an event with Moses Chan and responded to the rumor. Fala expressed she heard about the news while she was studying in the US, and her teacher gave her a lot of enlightenment: "There have been many changes this year. I used to be very straightforward and subjective; I could only see the black and white side, but now I can see things in the grey area. I have changed my values and how I view the world; this is a lifelong change. (The changes include your relationship?) I called Mr. Sit (Daniel Sit) to discuss this matter. There is consensus between us, we don't want the relationship to impact our careers. Give us some personal space and let us handle our own matters. I thought about whether I should clarify the rumor today, but Mr. Sit said that is not necessary. (Are you single now?) We have consensus. I know everyone is concern about me, many friends called me too, but don't think too much. I'm not commenting anymore. I want to say, I am happy now. My thoughts have been clear in the past several months." Asked if she's starting new? She said: "Considered so, things are changing and I'm going to keep on learning."

It was rumored the reason of the break up was because Daniel didn't give her money to start her own business? She said: "I read the report and thought most of the content were not true. Wayne Lai had said yesterday opening a business doesn't require money, you just need to print [business] cards and spent a few ten dollars on the business registration. Most of the rumor is not true."

Dislikes Media Linking Her Career to Money

Fala said honestly she does not like some reports always linking her "ideals" with money. "Like... a woman's career will always be linked to money. I think readers won't have a good impression after reading such reports. Honestly, I know many female artistes that are working hard to do the things they enjoy and I'm the same too, so no matter how my love life and financial situation are like, I will rely on 100% of my own efforts to keep going!"

But how can she describe her relationship with Daniel Sit now? Fala said: "A positive one. (Friend or boyfriend?) Because two people had a relationship for so long, its difficult to just define the relationship in a few words, especially if its a long time relationship, I cannot bear to use my mouth to define him. After all, I just hope to keep a low-profile and have personal space.

Fala called it off?

Reporters pursued the question, was Fala the one who called it off? She spread her hands out and smiled: "I didn't say that. I didn't say that. Haha. (You don't want to hurt him?) I'm not answering, I'm sorry, but I am currently very blessed." Asked if its because of the break up that she decided to go to study in the US? She expressed it is not related and that some magazine reports put their own values on the female artist, don't try to sell a story by raping her values. She said: "Don't link my work to money. I know many other female artists that work very hard to do the things they enjoy, I am no different. No matter how my love life and financial situation is in the future, I will still be in this industry 100%."

Moses Discloses Pregnant Aimee Has Great Appetite

As for Moses, whom had just announced his marriage and Aimee Chan's pregnancy, can he talk about it now? Moses said: "Not yet. (How is Aimee's appetite?) Very good, very healthy. (Drink coffee?) No. Cold drinks are not good for her health; she will cut back on cold and raw foods." Asked if he took off to accompany her? He said: "Not yet. (Bought baby products?) Nope. Actually I don't really know much. My emotions still has not recovered yet, and still need to get accustomed to many things." Ex-girlfriend Bernice Liu had been attacked by the media due to their marriage. Moses said: "I've always said to stop mentioning the past, don't discuss so much of it, but I do wish everyone well."


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