Thursday, June 27, 2013

Virgina Lok's Birthday Party, 3 Favorite Siu Sangs Didn't Show Up

TVB executive Virgina Lok's 54th birthday is on July 1st. Last night, she held her star-studded party in Central, nearly a hundred artists including Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Angela Tong Nat Chan, Michael Miu and his wife Jamie Chik, Ron Ng and "girlfriend" Kelly Fu, Michael Tse, Selena Li, Eddie Cheung, Joe Ma, Wong Cho Lam and girlfriend Leanne Li, Timmy Hung and wife, Oscar Leung, Kristal Tin, Lin Xiawei and many more attended. However, Miss Lok favorite "god-sons" Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong and Kevin Cheng were absent. Luckily at least one of TVB's daughters Myolie Wu was able to attend despite still filming in Qingyuan.

Myolie expressed after the party, she will have to rush back to Mainland to continue filming. Asked what gift she got for Miss Lok? She said: "Miss Lok said we're not allow to buy gifts!" Myolie disclosed recently she's been shooting in the hot weather (37 degrees C) in Qingyuan and got suffered a heatstroke. "Perhaps its just too hot and I had all the head gear on! I was vomiting from the heatstroke, it felt terrible. I took some medicine and had a night of sleep, luckily I'm fine now."

Charmaine was asked what gift she got for Miss Lok? She said its a secret. Recently Charmaine has been in HK and goes back to Mainland for events from time to time. She said the weather had been too hot lately, the most ideal time to shoot a TV series is in September. Asked whether its no leaving until she gets drunk? She said: "No, it should be enjoyable tonight. There are many former colleagues I haven't seen for a long time." Charmaine expressed she won't be back for a TVB series until next year, the details will be announce later.

Joe Ma attended the party alone, asked whether its because his wife and Miss Lok weren't on good terms? He said: "Its the past! Such a long time ago and still mentioning it!" Miss Lok expressed: "There was never any issues."

Rumored couple Ron and Kelly Fu arrived one after the other. Ron expressed he just came back from Mainland, but had to do dubbing work at TVB after the party, so he didn't drink. He smiled: "I cannot drink, so why not just leave early! But Michael Miu forced me to drink a glass!"

Michael Tse's TVB contract is expiring soon, asked if he'll discuss the contract at the party? He said: "Not today, nope. Let her drink and get a little high first, the terms will be better." It appeared the other artists were reluctant to see Michael go, many were seen whispering in his ear. The drunken Michael went to embrace Christine Kuo, then Timmy Hung and even his wife Janet Chow grabbed his cheeks.

Meanwhile, Bosco accepted a telephone interview and was asked why he didn't attend the party? He said: "I had to work on Mr. & Mrs. Bean until 2am last night, so couldn't make it. I already sent an SMS to Miss Lok wishing her a happy birthday. She understands. (Avoiding ex-girlfriend Myolie?) I didn't know who went." Raymond Lam's manager expressed he's filming in Mainland and thus cannot attend. He will make up to Miss Lok later. Kevin Cheng is currently in Taiwan working shooting for the MV to his new songs.


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