Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Leila Tong loves HKTV's freedom

Leila Tong revealed that she is happy working with Ricky Wong's HKTV despite the fact that the station still having difficulties obtaining a free-to-air TV license from the Hong Kong government.

According to Popular Asians, at a Buddhism seminar at the Hong Kong Coliseum recently, the actress said that HKTV has given her a lot of freedom in her work, thus, she has no regrets signing with them.

The former TVB actress signed with HKTV last year, and had filmed two HKTV dramas back to back, which are "Marvel Century" and "Police Boundaries". "Police Boundaries" recently had a five-minute preview on YouTube and Facebook – a marketing strategy used by the station due to Hong Kong's government delayed approval.

The actress clarified, "Many friends are sharing the clips, and I also shared the videos on Facebook. I hope that this will convince the government to pass out the free license. I will be shooting my third drama [with HKTV] soon. As long as I find the drama suitable, I will film it. [HKTV] has a lot of freedom."

Meanwhile, Leila reportedly will film HKTV's grand opening drama, "Flow Of The Years" soon. The drama also stars Felix Wong, Ha Yu and Paw Hee Ching.


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