Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kate Tsui Insists on Wearing 5-Inch Heels Despite Prior Injury

Last night, Kate Tsui appeared at an event in a super deep V red dress with a big opening at her 'center gate', very sexy. She expressed she did all her safety measures to prevent exposure. A reporter mentioned there is a big 'mole' on her chest. Kate joked: "It must come out to say hi to everyone from time to time!"

Earlier Kate accidentally slipped while shooting a scene for TVB series My Prime Lady and injured her tailbone. Although she had not recovered yet, she still wore 5-inch heels to the event last night, but walked extremely carefully. She had her two assistants help her walk.

Kate expressed she returned to work a few days ago, "The first day I was still in a lot of pain; the second day my waist was still hurting; and even now I still can't move too much. The crew has been treating me very well, once I walk into the studio, they ensure all the wires and cords are out of my way." Kate has also started physical therapy and has to see an orthopedic, but Kate insisted that she won't give up on heels, "Its difficult for girls not to wear heels, but health is the most important." An injury can get serious though, asked if she's worried this might affect her fertility? She frankly expressed: "I haven't thought about it like that. I'm working everyday and don't have the time. Actually I'm afraid of seeing the specialist orthopedic, I'm scared of pain! (Not recovered yet and already getting back to work?) The work had been scheduled before, I didn't want to change it."

Bosco Wong was also at the event and expressed he did not call Bella Lam to talk about their rumors earlier. He expressed: "The news is just for fun, you're all just joking." In regards to Raymond Lam pocketing over 10 million RMB from shooting a Mainland series? He said: "I don't make that much, don't talk about money. I decide based on the script." Also, Bosco disclosed he has 60-70% of the completed script on hand and about the resting time, it is difficult to arrange, but he won't accept every series. He also hopes to make enough money as soon as possible to buy a new home.


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