Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Karena Ng surprised with pregnancy rumours

19-year-old actress Karena Ng has dismissed rumours of pregnancy that have been plaguing her recently, CC website reported.

Hong Kong paparazzi spotted the 19-year-old out on a dinner date with boyfriend, Raymond Lam and a few of their friends. When Raymond was seen rubbing Karena's stomach, the paparazzi took the golden opportunity by snapping some photos of it and triggered speculations of pregnancy when it was published in the tabloids.

While speaking to the media at the Prince Jewellery & Watch Premier Cup handicap horse race held in Sha Tin recently, Karena seemed annoyed when asked about Raymond.

However, the actress was shocked to hear about the pregnancy rumour, to which she exclaimed, "Of course not! I've been going to the gym recently and have developed some muscles and abs."

"I was too skinny, so I'd tried gaining some weight. I do feel like I am much healthier now," she added, and then refused to answer more questions regarding her love life.


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