Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Luna Talks About Hardships of Idols in Musicals

f(x)‘s Luna shared her deep and personal thoughts about her thoughts and experiences as a musical actress.

Luna will be starring in “High School Musical On Stage” as the female lead, Gabriella, starting from July 2. She recently held an interview with Newsen and spoke about the public’s bias of idols in the musical field and how idols put in a ton of effort to break those prejudices.

The public is known to view idols in a not-so-favorable light. Luna commented, “The criticisms of the general public about [how some musicals cast idols for] ticket power rather than skill are not wrong. It was really hard for me too. But I also think that if a familiar face stars in a musical, then that musical will become that much more known and therefore, earn more fans. If a musical can get more PR through a star casting, I think that aspect can be viewed positively.”

Luna also talked about the non-idol musical actors who have made a name for themselves, but often get overshadowed by their idol castmates. “I also know how the musical actors view us idols. But the musical actors who I worked with, advised me, ‘Because you’re an idol, many people are watching over you. A few might even view you with a different perspective. So I hope you will work even harder.’ Their straight-up advice made me feel very comfortable,” she shared.

She continued, “During my first musical, ‘Legally Blonde,’ I worked really hard to change those certain prejudices. I hoped that when the other actors looked at me, they would think, ‘I hope other idols will work as hard as Luna.’ I have never rehearsed half-heartedly. It’s a fact that I can be proud of. I also practiced very hard for this musical as well. I hope many people can see how I matured.”

Meanwhile, the role of Troy will be played by Kang Dong Ho, Ryeowook and Lee Jae Jin. Gabriella will also be played by Oh So Yeon and Cho Ah. “High School Musical On Stage” will open on July 2.


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