Sunday, June 30, 2013

Steven Ma: Thank God it's my left eye

Steven Ma, who was rushed to the hospital for an injury that occurred while filming "Property Protector", recently talked about what happened.

According to a report on Groove Asia, he revealed that the left side of his nose bridge is fractured, while his left eye is now swollen, and added that he experienced he has difficulties breathing due to his nosebleeds.

"It was not anybody's fault. The scene that we were filming was that my partner pointing the gun at me, I kick the gun out of his hand with my right foot, and he throws me a punch. But when I kicked the gun, his finger was still hooked on the thing and it ended up flying at me!"

"When it happened, I felt a little faint and had to sit down for a long time before I was able to get up. Meanwhile, a lot of blood was gushing out but I didn't feel a thing. I just thought that it was so sweet of Tavia Yeung to help me wipe away my sweat and blood and Raymond Cho to give me a glass of water," he light-heartedly expressed.

However, the actor said that he is thankful that it was his left eye that was injured or he would have been blind, since his right eye has been injured before while shooting "A Change Of Destiny" in 2006.

In regards to his return to the filming set, Steven said that it depends on his condition in the next five days as he needs to rest.


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