Saturday, June 15, 2013

Joyce Tang Exposed the Married Marco Ngai Wants to Reconcile

37 year old Joyce Tang had a rough love life. After experiencing two love mistakes -- Marco Ngai and Derek Kwok -- she finally finds success and officially announces that her boyfriend (Matthew Chu) proposed to her. However, recently ex-boyfriend Marco Ngai disclosed on a Mainland TV show that it was a sin he didn't marry her back then. Joyce couldn't tolerate it any longer and made two long Weibo posts last night. She exposed a married man kept sending SMS to her asking for her forgiveness and hope they could reconcile. She immediately declined all of it.

Joyce and Marco's relationship started in 1998 when they were filming Armed Reaction. They had always been known as a loving cupple and match from heaven, but in 2007 they suddenly announced the end of their 9 year relationship. Marco later dated a college student from Chongqing, Zhang Lihua, who was 20 years his junior. The couple were married in 2008 and had a daughter. However, Marco and Joyce's resentment was still there. In 2010, a Netizen said Marco and Joyce are a perfect couple, but surprisingly Marco told the Netizen to go die. He said: "A scum should get ditched as soon as possible, otherwise you will regret forever." At the time, Joyce responded: "A blessed person would not go around scolding people." Marco later explained his Weibo account was hacked.

A few days ago, Marco and his wife were guests on a Mainland TV show "男左女右" and spoke about their marriage. Marco expressed he never intended to conceal their marriage and even dragged ex-girlfriend Joyce into it. He said: "The audience thought since I was with my ex for so many years and we were a couple on a TV series, then I must marry her. I didn't marry her, then am I sinner or a bad person?" The host said: "A heartless man?" He said: "Yes." The camera then focused on Zhang Lihua, who was frowning.

On Weibo, Joyce reposted a Netizen's comment scolding what Marco said on the show. She first referenced the earlier 'hacker' incident: "Can it be that there is another hacker causing trouble? Even the reporter thought this is a mystery. I find it difficult to understand myself, a married man and a father with a blissful life sends me one SMS after another asking for my forgiveness and to reconcile? But then on the other side, he says something else! Could this be a special edition of Office of Practical Jokes? Fortunately, I didn't fall for it. I firmly declined to all of it and I'm smart enough to keep all of the messages and the phone number..."

Then Joyce made another post: "In the past when I was still a single lady, I can say I always praise one's goodness and conceal their faults. Now that I am a fiancée, I will no longer be the 'heroine' ~~~ I can only give you this song: 'Let go, let go of everything!' (from Raymond Lam's 愛不疚) PS: Thanks for the support, I will definitely go on with happiness ~~~ Supporters, please raise your hands!" Netizens strongly supported Joyce: "You must firmly go on with happiness!"

When reporters contacted Joyce, she expressed she has no other comments. Reporters also contacted Marco, he said in a hurry: "I know. I'm not going to say anything! (Joyce said you wanted to reconcile with her?) This was a century ago." He said he was driving and will comment later. However, reporters were unable to reach him again before publishing this article.


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