Saturday, June 15, 2013

Moses Chan Admits Shotgun Marriage, Exclaims: "SHE IS MY QUEEN!"

A few days ago Moses Chan and Aimee Chan were married in Paris. After marriage, the newly weds went their separate ways, Aimee back to Canada and Moses back to HK for work. This morning Moses and his manager arrived at the HK airport, greeted by a large group of reporters.

Moses was in a great mood and showed off his wedding ring. Asked why they decided to get married in Paris? He said: "Our love story started in Paris. It is very meaningful and special to us, so I thought it would be perfect for us to be married there. Actually I had been planning for a long time." Although the couple deliberately allowed the media follow them to France, fortunately no reporter was able to photograph any part of the actual marriage. Also, the media reported the good news after they announced the marriage. It was rumored its a shotgun marriage and just the wedding was HK$3 million. Moses did not respond, but he does not talk about money, the most important is happiness. He disclosed the marriage was very emotional, he and Aimee both teared up, but expressed they do not have plans to hold a wedding banquet in HK. "In HK, we'll have dinner with different friends, there will be lots of parties." What about the honeymoon? Moses: "A little later." Is Moses starting on a new series in September? "I have a lot of work to do, will see how the arrangement goes, but there definitely are jobs." Ex-girlfriend Bernice Liu congratulated him on Weibo, Moses said: "Thank you." He expressed he did not deliberately tried to conceal the marriage, he just has a low-profile style.

In regards to the shotgun marriage, Moses initially didn't want to say too much, but after reporters kept asking and asking the same question, he finally gave in and expressed his wife Aimee is in Canada on maternity leave. It is indeed "double happiness"! He expressed he will accompany his wife through labor, but haven't decided whether to have their baby in Canada or HK. Aimee will be returning to HK a little later, the exact date has not been scheduled, but he smiled and said he's working hard to earn milk money.

As for the public's thought of Aimee becoming a happy housewife after marriage, concentrating on caring for their baby and managing her husband's coffee shop? It was also rumored Moses already gave half of the coffee shop to Aimee? Moses expressed he doesn't want Aimee to work too hard in managing a coffee shop. Moses expressed he won't stop Aimee from continuing on her acting career, she can make all the decisions for herself. Moses said: "I believe she can be a mom and an actress." Moses added he will give everything to his wife and exclaimed: "SHE IS MY QUEEN!"


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