Thursday, June 13, 2013

No mainland dramas for Bosco Wong

Bosco Wong may be one of the most sought after TVB actor this year to work in mainland China, but the golden bachelor revealed that his busy schedule may not allow him to fly to the north anytime soon.

According to HK Channel, the actor, who is filming his upcoming drama, "Mr & Mrs Bean", revealed that he has been offered numerous drama roles from mainland producers.

The actor stated, "I have 6 to 7 scripts in my hand right now, but I need to film TVB dramas and have no room for more in my schedule. Many of my producer friends called me, and I had to tell them that I'm sorry, but I owe them much gratitude."

When asked if he liked filming mainland dramas, Bosco expressed, "I love them. It allows me to purchase a good property," and jokingly added, "I haven't found the perfect one yet though, because I want to live in a penthouse."

Meanwhile, the actor was rumoured to have received HKD 220,000 per episode for his mainland drama "Young Sherlock".


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