Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Steven Ma suffers from heart condition

TVB actor Steven Ma may have expressed his wishes to perform his own stunts, but it does not mean that he is in any condition to perform such dangerous actions.

Oriental Daily reported that the actor recently revealed that he is actually suffering from a heart condition and has to bring his medicine with him wherever he goes.

During a tele-interview on 17 June, Steven revealed, "I have been suffering from the disease for eight years and the last time something bad happened was three months ago."

Steven disclosed that upon medical examination, doctors found that his heart contains two nerves that behave abnormally when they come into contact, resulting in his heart to beat rapidly, reaching over 170 beats per minute at a time.

"Sometimes it would beat so hard that my whole body feels it," the actor added.

However, the actor assured that his family and friends have already known about his condition and that it was not as dangerous as it sounds.

"The family doctor said that there is only 1:10,000 probability of a death from rapid heartbeat, so I am not worried," he said.


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