Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kenneth Ma to Work in Mainland, Anticipates Pretty Girls Knocking on his Door

Yesterday afternoon Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Lin Xiawei, Power Chan, Pierre Ngo and Raymond Cho attended the blessing ceremony of TVB new series Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon. Selena performed the splits on the spot and stole the limelight. Selena disclosed she practiced warm up exercises to prepare for the action scenes she'll have in the series. The producer added even more action scenes for her, but then she regretted it a little because its difficult shooting martial art scenes in the summer. The crew will be heading to Mainland for outdoor shooting in August. Selena frankly expressed she fears the hot weather in Mainland may melt her makeup, but fortunately a fan gave her an air conditioned shirt to keep cool. When Kenneth heard Selena recommended herself to suffer through the heat, he teased her saying she deserved it.

Kenneth expressed he has to practice using a spear. Later, the crew is heading over to Foshan for outdoor filming. When speaking of whether there will be pretty girls knocking on his door? Kenneth laughed: "I had someone knocking on my door! Earlier when I was filming in Mainland, there were cards with sexy girls in bikinis printed on them placed on my hotel room door. It said they provide special services. I didn't dare to try because I was afraid it was some undercover thing, so I didn't make the phone call." The funniest experience was when Kenneth had an Auntie come over to give him a massage, whom touched his ticklish area and got him laughing nonstop. Roger Kwok, who was with him at the time, gave him a strange look.


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