Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rude treatment of T-ara N4 at the Palms Pool shocks fans

It seems like the mediocre response to T-ara N4's stage at the Las Vegas Palms Pool wasn't the only problem they had to deal with.

Originally, Core Contents Media had claimed that the video that had surfaced was their first performance and that Chris Brown had come on to their second performance and introduced them (you can check the video out here). But now a new video of another performance has surfaced where the girls were cut off rather rudely by Chris Brown.

The girls had been performing to their song, but suddenly Chris Brown cut in, demanding that the DJ cut the music off to promote his new song, saying, "My new single featuring Aaliyah is called 'They Don't Know'," and continued to talk as the girls looked on, confused.

He only started the music again once he was done, and once the music came back on, it started at the cut off point, making the girls scramble back to their places.

When the girls were done (again cut off prematurely), someone even shouted, "Boo, get off the stage!".


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