Sunday, June 2, 2013

Frankie Lam: TVB No Improvements, Illogical Plots

Despite the delay in obtaining their free television license from the government, HKTV has already started releasing previews to 4 of their series on Facebook and Youtube. The latest one is grand production Three Face-Shaped Doctor (三面形醫), which focuses on controversial plastic surgery. The serial's lead actor Frankie Lam and director Kwan Shu Ming accepted [Mingpao] exclusive interview. Both came out from the "old world" (TVB), thus it was inevitable for them to compare the past and present work environments.

When Frankie watched the preview, he couldn't stop complimenting on the quality of the picture, "My former colleagues saw the preview online and praised the beautiful picture as well. It has depth and is exquisite. A few days ago, I was watching a boiling water scene in Slow Boat Home, but the faucet was surprisingly shaking!" Frankie left TVB in 2008 after shooting Forensic Heroes II, then went to Mainland and then joined HKTV back in Hong Kong. "I am enjoying work all over again in my new company. The television industry is all about cooperative work, [the team] must have the same goals in order to collaborate. I'm currently enjoying work that is taken seriously and I have a vision for the future. Although I collaborated with the crew several times before at TVB, but now that we're all in a new company, the work attitude is different. I can feel respect from the boss and the work atmosphere is very friendly."

Frankie expressed some colleagues mentioned their dissatisfaction on TVB after leaving the company, but get misunderstood that they're bashing TVB. Actually it is a heartbreaking expression. "I came from TVB too. If I didn't join TVB back in the day, I wouldn't be here today. We all want our maternal home to do well and the television industry to thrive even more, but under a situation of monopoly with no competitors, TVB's productions are not bad, rather there is no improvement. I am artist who have expectations on my work, but at my old company, I felt discouraged." HKTV brings a positive influence on the television industry, just by the pay raise, it is closer to the market value. Also, TVB executives mentioned their artists will now get 8 hours of rest. Frankie said: "In the humane perspective, what job asks for 24 hours of work?"


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