Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sheren Tang misses "Beauty At War" dinner

Actress Sheren Tang, who was recently suspended by TVB for her outspokenness, denied again that she and her "Beauty At War" co-stars were on bad terms with each other.

According to Groove Asia, speculations of a conflict rose again when the actress was absent at a dinner attended by the cast of "Beauty At War", which included Ada Choi, Christine Ng, Kenny Wong, Leung Ka Kei and others.

Christine Ng revealed that she was the one who convinced producer Jonathan Chik to initiate an impromptu dinner gathering. When asked if she tried to contact Sheren too, Christine laughed and said, "Day 1, I didn't; Day 30, I didn't either", and expressed that she is not afraid of a controversy saying that they are boycotting Sheren.

Meanwhile, Sheren, who was spotted near a hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, revealed that she did not have the time to watch the finale together with the others as she had other jobs.

When asked about her supposed boycott, her manager disclosed that Sheren had not made any comment about the rumour, and that she has been busy working in mainland.

"Even if people invite her, she will have to see if she's busy or not, so I know she's not unhappy. She has work, but her mother will be showing her support by watching the finale. Don't make up rumours about people isolating her. That's just speculation," said her manager.


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