Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lin Xiawei's Chin Turns V-Shaped Denies Plastic Surgery

Since Aimee Chan withdrew from TVB new series Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon, Lin Xiawei quickly replaces her becoming the lead actress. However, she suddenly gets a mysterious face change. In the past she had a sharp chin, but last night when she was recording for the new season of Neighborhood Treasures with Kenneth Ma, Selena Li and Pierre Ngo, reporters noticed her chin turned into V-shaped and her nose looks higher. Did she get something done on her face?

Lin Xiawei expressed she just got a new makeup artist, so her makeup is different now. Also, she's been busy shooting Kung Fu scenes for her new series and has lost a lot of weight. She denied getting plastic surgery done on her chin and nose. Asked if she's worried people might say her cousin Raymond Lam saw the same plastic surgeron as her? Lin Xiawei stressed she had always thought her chin was too pointy and hoped to have a rounder face. She does not think she needs plastic surgery, but doesn't mind the plastic surgery rumors. She's happy people think she's prettier, it's like a bonus.

Kenneth laughed and said the reason why he chose to go on this game show is because he knows he doesn't have fast reaction and he's a boring person, so he didn't have the courage to go on Super Trio. It was rumored TVB Siu Sangs are 'best sellers' in Mainland and offered high salaries, but Kenneth expressed TVB hasn't given him the opportunity yet. He just knows he received 6-7 offers from Mainland within 3 years, but he wasn't able to participate in them due to schedule conflicts and TVB wouldn't release him. He said: "Can't feel bad, after so many years in the industry, I understand whats yours is yours. You cannot force it. The entertainment industry is mystical, perhaps I'll encounter a role in the future that would help me get promoted to a higher status and increase in pay, but that may not happen either. Even if I don't have the opportunity shoot Mainland series, I still hope to be like Wayne Lai, get more advertisement jobs."


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