Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tavia Yeung defends Him Law's mother: "Don't Get His Family Involved"

Yesterday Tavia Yeung, Alex Fong, Yoyo Mung, Edwin Siu and Aimee Chan attended the blessing ceremony of TVB new series A Great Way To Care II. Because Tavia goes undercover in the series, she was dressed as a dancer. Alex teased Tavia of her rumor with Him Law, he said she likes young guys with big chests. In response, Tavia went to touch and poke Alex's chest.

Earlier Tavia and Him were spotted on a trip to Korea together and Tavia has not made a public appearance since, she only uploaded a few work pictures on Weibo. Yesterday it was rumored because Him grew up in a single parent household, he especially feels comfortable being in a 'sister-brother' relationship. A magazine reported yesterday that Him has an 'abnormal love' for Tavia because she physically resembles his mother. Him's parents were divorced when he was a child, so he longs to start a family with Tavia. In regards to this, Tavia supported her 'boyfriend'. She said: "I don't think it's good to get his family involved. (Does Him not have a good relationship with his family?) That is his family business. If there is a chance, I will only listen, but I won't ask. As artists, we are already very open with our lives, and now [the press] is digging up the family background out to talk about too, I think that's unfair to us. (Do you have good news to announce?) I don't have anything to announce. I know the media took pictures of Him's mom. (It was said you look like his mom!) Of course not! I've seen his mom before because whenever Him has time, he'll bring his mom to the set. But how can I be prettier than his mom? She's young and pretty. (The magazine said you and Him are 'abnormal love' [kei luen]) I only know 'deformity' (kei ying), don't know what 'abnormal love' is. That's just how love is, we shouldn't use such wording to describe it. Love is between two people happily together. Many people of different ages can be together, what's most important there isn't any deformity in the blood types."

When asked if she developed a deeper relationship with Him after their trip to Korea? Tavia said: "I had a pretty good time because I went with a big group of friends. Now I have to get back to work." Tavia also expressed as long as there is double pay, she is more than willing to attend events with Him as an on-screen couple or even duet with him.

Yesterday Him accepted an interview over the phone. In regards to the media following his family? He helplessly said: "I understand the nature of reporters' work, but my family isn't in the entertainment industry, I just hope [the media] won't disturb them. The only thing I can say is, my parents have been divorced for so long, but they still love me very much and I have always had family warmth."


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