Friday, August 10, 2012

Ella Koon did not kick Fiona Sit out of Warner Music

It was rumored Ella Koon signed a three year contract with Warner for HK$6 million, a super low price, and successfully kicked Fiona Sit out of the company. She'll be joining Warner and become their new Big Sister. Yesterday she attended fashion brand TITICACA's new store opening ceremony with colleagues from Warner and her old company. She announced she has officially joined Warner: "I'm very pleased with the price, but I don't want to say what it is. After all, my company and I are happy with the contract."

Ella frankly expressed she did not know Fiona was leaving Warner when she signed with them: "I actually thought I'll get collaborate with her. We debuted together, and have chemistry. I'm happy for her too, that she found a new direction in her career." It was rumored she got a 'super low' company transfer fee, and then successfully kicked Fiona Sit out. Warner's promotion staff immediately helped her explain, stressing that Ella joining the company has nothing to do with Fiona's departure. Ella is not worried joining Warner will affect her relationship with TVB. She said: "We have a good relationship. TVB gives me a lot of opportunities, and my new series Highs and Lows is airing soon too. (Worried you may not be able to participate in the promotions or your scenes may get cut?) Leave that to TVB! 80% of my scenes are with Raymond Lam, so I don't think it will be cut." When speaking of Ella's post on Weibo earlier, where she brings up her past relationship with Ron Ng, yesterday she expressed people need to move forward in life and she has no comment on it.


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