Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ron Ng won't give up on Viann Zhang, gives her a diamond ring

Although Ron Ng and Viann Zhang have already broken up and Viann heartlessly got rid of her 'RON' tattoo, Ron still has not given up on the relationship and is trying to patch things up. Yesterday a magazine reported that he has been madly sending Viann mushy SMS and sent a diamond ring valued over HK$10,000 to her in Beijing. However, because of the love injuries, Viann once joked: "I want to kill him!" Despite all the rumors, Ron and Viann's current relationship isn't as bad as the public sees it. Ron admitted he still keeps in touch with Viann.

Yesterday afternoon Ron was shooting a biking scene with Myolie Wu for new series Triumph in the Skies II. In regards to the magazine report, Ron expressed he contacted Viann because of the report. Viann said she has not accepted any magazine interview recent, therefore he will not respond to fabricated news. He just thinks the issue is never ending, but he apologizes to Viann if the rumors had affected her emotions. Ron stressed he's still friends with Viann and they keep in touch.

The magazine also said Ron often asks his manager if he can fly over to Beijing. Ron denied and expressed what the report said is not true. He said: "It is not necessary to write it like we have such a bad relationship. (Visit her in Beijing?) I am shooting TITS2 now, even if I wanted to take a break, the crew won't allow me to."


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