Wednesday, August 22, 2012

JJ Jia turns into third party: "It's So Difficult For Me"

It was exposed earlier that 29 year old JJ Jia has been dating martial arts actor, Louis Fan, 10 years her senior (39 y/o). Because Louis is already married and has children, JJ turned into a third party! Yesterday it was said Louis has a 15 year old son and 10 year old daughter, and the mother of his children implied Louis is an unfaithful man.

As JJ has been called the third party, she felt emotionally hurt. Yesterday she accepted an interview and cried expressing several times that its been very difficult for her. She admitted she and Louis did have a relationship, but now that the situation has developed into this stage, she's holding back! JJ frankly expressed she met Louis Fan earlier this year at Timmy Hung's wedding. Not long after they met, she already had feelings for him and admitted they took their relationship a step further. However, yesterday it was rumored Louis is a married man and has a family, JJ was greatly hurt: "I don't know any more than what outsiders knows. It's been so difficult for me. Louis has contacted me and expressed he will explain the whole issue. He should have a written statement soon. (Any comments on yesterday's rumor that Louis' wife was complaining tearfully?) I cannot accept it at all, so difficult. The issue isn't that simple. I'm still trying to see what the situation is like. If you all are really that concerned, please see what the statement says..."

Throughout the entire interview, JJ had a sobbing voice, she said she already burst into tears. She implied she didn't want to be a third party and friends have been worried she might do something silly (commit suicide). "No matter what I say now, it's useless. It's really difficult for me too. I have never thought I would be....I'm just a normal girl, just want to find a normal guy, then date, get marry and have children. I don't know anything else. (Will you develop with a married man?) If he can make it clear, if everything is clear, then I can accept, but at this moment, I really can't accept it. Wait until he clears it up and see what happens! Friends have comforted me, they know what type of person I am. They were scared I would... ... thank you all for your concern."

It has been said for many years that Louis is already married and have children, but he never responded. However, yesterday JJ cried and expressed how hurt she was. Louis finally broke his silence and issued a written statement to clarify the whole issue. He admitted he does have children, but he isn't married, "When I was 23 years old, I decided to live with the mother of my children. In the beginning we had a naive relationship, and never thought of getting married." Louis said because they could no longer communicate and they were separated for long periods, they eventually broke up 4 years ago, "I asked her earnestly to let go of this mutually tormenting relationship and it is impossible for us to continue the relationship."

Although Louis separated from his girlfriend, but he still placed the majority of his time on her and his children. He explained he had a low-key relationship for many years and it was all because he didn't want to affect his family. Today he decided to make this confession, it is because "don't want the speculations to hurt innocent people", clearly he is standing up for JJ.

Louis said he and JJ officially started dating a month ago and she is absolutely not the third party: "She is not a third party, like what the news said about her, who broke my family up. I hope you all don't misunderstand her." He stressed before starting the new relationship, he already explained his past relationship. As Louis' statement clearly supported JJ and did her justice, will she continue to develop further with Louis? JJ replied through SMS: "Thank you!" She did not respond to anything else.


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