Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chin Kar Lok shouts: I'm A Father!

Yesterday Chin Kar Lok, Liza Wang and King Sir attended the promotional event for TVB new series Divas in Distress. When Kar Lok introduced his character, he suddenly shouts: "I'm a father! But I'm just talking about the series. As for real life, I'll talk about it later!" The cast were all very happy for him and congratulated him. Kar Lok played happily with the children at the promotion, seems like he's preparing himself well for the future.

Chin Kar Lok reveals the wedding banquet is planned for November with 50 tables, but he and Angela Tong gave up on getting married on a small island: "It's not convenient. Just want the two of us have an explanation to parents and elders, so having the wedding in November is pretty rushed. (Why is it so rushed?) I want to get marry this year. After going to the hospital and seeing the report, I knew we couldn't wait any longer." As for Angela's pregnancy, Kar Lok smiled: "talk about it later." He refused to admit, looks like it's really not pass the 3 month sensitive period yet. "I don't want to lie, just wait until things mature first. I will definitely let you all know!"

When speaking of Angela shooting new series Cousin, You Are Good, she will have scenes where she gets pushed down? Kar Lok expressed: "I'll be her stunt double then, our body figures are just about the same anyway and I'm a martial artist. (She's going to Guangzhou for outdoor shooting?) If I go to Guangzhou, then there is something to worry about, but if she goes, no problem. She hasn't reported to me on what type of shooting she's doing, but I believe her co-stars Roger Kwok and Bob Lam will take good care of her. (Bob was spotted smoking near Angela?) I don't know if that is true. They are all good people, I'm not worried."


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